Doctor Mo. Box24 Cafe Au Lait

8,700 ฿

Better Serve for Your Everyday Vintage Modern
This latest creation “Doctor Mo. Box24” was designed to serve better functions than Doctor Mo. Luxe as it can transform to more formal function.
We have adapt the style for working women who require more masculine and more formal look on Doctor Mo. Still remained the concept of vintage bag style, Doctor Bag, with an additional handle, bottom scratch-preventive bottom metal part.
Crafted with beautiful Italian calf leather with the pleasant tactile feel, timeless design & ease of functionality. Emboss Your Doctor Mo. by using the traditional Tromp l’oeil technique. The collection brings a sense of refined, yet friendly confidence to pieces that you can use every day on any occasion.

Dimensions : 24 cm x 12 cm x 17.5 cm (L x D x H)
Additional Info : Inner Height is 16.5 cm
Items to fit : Everyday essentials such as long wallet, phone, small make up bag, glasses, key, camera, mini tablet etc.
Handle Clearance : 10 cm x 7 cm (W x H)
Weight : 566 g
Crossbody Strap Drop Length : 50 – 54 cm

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