Coffee table Green - S

4,600 ฿ 11,500 ฿

EXCEPTIONAL SALE ALERT on slightly damaged item! At ANOTHER_STORY, we believe that all items should be loved and should find a home, even when slightly damaged by the time spent in store, undelicate hands or oxidation due to Bangkok capricious humidity. So here we are, selling you this exceptional item at an exceptional price with a small note for you: this item got rusty because of humidity.

The city of Tsubame Sanjo, in Niigata,is famous in Japan for being a leader in metallurgy. Kanto offers products from quality and totally crafted bill created according to know-how mastered by experts from the region. These exceptional craftsmen know how to exploit the potential mechanical presses for half of a century. The brand's mission is also to train the younger generation for the sake of transmitting a traditional craftsmanship.

Material : Stainless Steel
Made in Japan

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