Nail Stickers for Litle Travelers - Cat Design

295 ฿

Pandas, lions, Chinese knots, samurai along with other energetic friends are waiting in this box. If you like them, put them on. Celebrate birthdays, parties, school activitys and ordinary day with these little friends who can juice your time up and help you develop a personal style.

Printed using bio-friendly inks, this nail stickers set is non-toxic, odourless, waterproof and totally kids-friendly. Also fun for adults, fast to apply and easy to remove. come with 540 nail stickers!

How to use
1. Choose one sticker of appropriare
2. Peel the sticker off from the film.
3. Apply the sticker to the nail, and pres it for 5 seconds.
4. Simply peel the sticker off the nail if you want to remove it.

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