Finger Paint Magic Box Pink

995 ฿

Finger Paint is a kind of paint intended to be applied with fingers and it typically come in pots, used by kids. Fingers ,hands and arms can be art brushes so that you can paint freely. JoanMiro finger paint is washable, easily from skin and most fabrics, but it is not for use as body or face paint. Bright colors coulld enhance the sensory experience foe kids. JoanMiro believes thet a kid who can play better will gain a better furture.
- 60ml / bottle. In a pink iron box With a complete set of art equipment
- 6 colors, 1 booklet, 5 coloring sheets, 1 scissors, 1 glue stick,1 color palette, 2 stamp handles, 6 stamps

* Yellow, red, white, green, pink, blue "
- for children aged 3 and up
- size 20.9 x 16.5 x 9.4 cm

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