Deluxe Artist Iron Box Set 78-Pieces in Blue

2,450 ฿

Every artist deserves an exclusive set of professional art supplies. JoanMiro ARTIST BOX, a perfect choice for our little artist. Let Imagination Fly!

Need to take a lot of different tools and make such mess in bag when planning to paint outdoors? You need JoanMiro ARTIST BOX! There is a complete set with paintion book, crayons, markers, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener and even an ink pad in this exquisite, beautiful box. This ARTIST BOX is also quite practical. You will see 2 layers at each side of the box when you open it. It is easy to take out the exact painting tool you would like to use from the box. You will find out little artists enjoy the experience with our wonderful ARTISTIC BOX so much!
Marker 20 pcs, Silky Crayon 16 pcs, Crayon 24 pcs, Colored Pencil 12 pcs, Pencil 2 pcs, Pencil Sharpener 1 pcs, Eraser 1 pcs, Painting Book 1 pcs, 3-Color Ink Pad 1 pc.
- size 34x23x9.5 cm.
- For 3 years old or older

Only 1 piece in stock!

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