4 in 1 Puzzles - Moving Vehicles

780 ฿

With 4 vehicle puzzles, 7 movable parts and 1 screwdriver, this puzzle set is ideal for imaginations to travel and kids to understand vehicles. Start from assembling the content more engaging for little ones. They can practice puzzling skills by tacking puzzles of increasing pieces. While the moving vehicles will put them in great imagination and excitement with no doubt.

Grab a screwdriver and make vehicles move in this puzzle set. Start with complrting the vehicle picture. Find the appropriate parts, use the screwdriver in cluded to attach them to the vehicle, rotate them, see vehicles hitting the road and enjoy the fun.

Fighter 6 pcs, Train 12 pcs, Boat 16 pcs, Car 20 pcs, Movable Part 8 pcs, Screw 7 pcs, Nut 7 pcs, Screwdriver 1 pc.

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