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#SUN SNOW - Ski and snowboard goggle Black
Your eyes are exposed to many dangers in the mountains. Snow reflects up to 90% of the sun’s rays and the quantity of ambient ultraviolet rays (UV) increases by 10% every 1,000 m. Which is why it is vital to protect your eyes when practicing snow sports.

#SUN Snow goggles minimalist and fashionable, but they also guarantee maximum comfort, protection and convenience. They have an anti-fog, category 2, 100% UV gray double screen, guaranteeing excellent vision in all weather. Designed for everyone, they can be worn over glasses.
#SUN Snow, combine performance and comfort without sacrificing style.
Remove inner and outer protective films before use!

L ski goggle dimensions
• Height: 97 mm
• Width: 175 mm
• Profile: 80 mm
• Head circumference: 57/62 cm

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