Crossbody Phone Case No.19 - WHITE

420 ฿

Hangoo case is a transparent mobile phone case with an adjustable strap. You will get the case that has a protection corner on each side. The backside is using an acrylic hard case, and the side is with a silicon base. They have created this hybrid combination of a sustainable case and strap.

Their motto is cool and functional. The case is easy to wear for everyday look and activities. You can hang or sling the phone on the side on your body, around your neck like a chain or cross body. You can also tie it to your handbag if preferred.

- The acrylic material will prevent a yellow look on the case after using it for long

- The silicon makes a tighter grip to your phone

- The 1.6 m cord necklace connected to the case

- The buckle to adjust the length of the cord

- The case is made with 1.00 mm TPU on the side and acrylic hard case on the back for a better grip on your phone, and with the additional protection at the corners of the case, it will protect your phone from side bumps.

- 2 rings are attached to the bottom of the case for the cord.

- The material of the strap is a braided PPM cord that suitable for places with high humidity.

- PPM material does not absorb moisture (or sweat), weatherproof, and dry quickly.

- The strap is durable, resilient, lightweight, perfect for any indoor and outdoor activities.
- For security reasons, the rings attached to cannot be removed or exchanged.

Color: White with grey pattern

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