Tiny Coral Care Set

1,170 ฿

Carrot Kick,Life's a Beach,Sunset Fleur
Because who doesnít love a little PINK care set? Get back into the swing of things with these 3 vegan care essentials to stay clean and hydrated this new season.
Sunset Fleur Hand Sanitizer: A new kind of hand cleansing experience. It's hydrating, fast-absorbing, non-sticky and freshly scented with a feminine floral breeze. - Bootle 30 ml.
Carrot Kick Hand Cream: Our Carrot Kick hand cream includes a prebiotic complex to deeply nourish your hands, without leaving them greasy! - Bootle 50 ml.
Lifeís a Beach Toothpaste: Is enriched with premium natural ingredients like hydroxyapatite, prebiotics and xylitol. giving you a fresh breeze thanks to its delicious chai tea and mint flavor. - Bootle 55 ml.

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