Cucina Closed

1,780 ฿

Cucina Closed: Stories and Recipes by Our Friends in Italy, published by Gestalten, takes you on a culinary journey through Italy with the renowned brand Closed, known for its designer jeans. This visually appealing cookbook serves up classic Italian dishes and lesser-known local specialties from across the country, while sharing intriguing stories behind the recipes. The book is written in English.

At the globally known contemporary design brand, Closed, every pair of jeans is made entirely in Italy, from their varying fabrics right down to the very last stitch.

There’s no doubt that their long standing Italian partners are true experts when it comes to denim—but they also have insights to share when it comes to food. In this Closed cookbook, discover a series of favorite family recipes, with personal stories and secret tips, collected right in the heart of Italy.

From the best tiramisu, to easy pasta recipes or the risotto of your dreams—visit the Closed partners in several regions across Italy. From Veneto to Marche, Lombardy and Tuscany, uncover their fondest family recipes and best-kept culinary secrets, from selected wineries, to most-visited markets.

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