Dean Turntable Stereo System - Haze Grey

9,900 ฿

DEAN Turntable Stereo System

Are you ready to get more from your music? Taking style and sound to the next level, DEAN turntable and JOAN speaker set raises the bar for true music lovers with a state-of-the-art Audio Technica cartridge, Bluetooth capability, a tone arm counterweight, bass and treble adjustment, and a stereo phono pre-amplifier, all built right into the turntable itself.

DEAN and JOAN bring the best possible combination fashion and function to your home. You will wonder why you ever settled for anything less.

Their stylish, mid-century vintage design make them a classic statement piece for any room, and their cutting edge tech means you will be able to get the best sound from all your favorite music, whether it is vinyl or digital.

DEAN Turntable

- Integral ATN3600L Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge
- Built-In Bluetooth Input
- Built-In Stereo Phono Pre-Amplifier
- Built-In Tone Arm Counterweight
- 3 Speeds - 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM
- Bass and Treble Adjustment
- Auto Start-Stop function
- RCA Stereo Output
- Exclusive DEANs Slip-Mat
Dimensions 13 x 40 x 33 CM

JOAN Bookshelf Speakers
- Frequency Rate 30 Hz-15 khz
- Impedance 4-8 Ohms
- Sensitivity 85dB 1W/1M
- Power Handling 40 W (20W x 2)
Dimensions 20 x 25 x 15.5 CM

Weight 5 kg

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