Brad Retro Record Player - Retro Green

5,900 ฿

Vinyl lovers young and old, meet Brad.

Brad is the retro-modern combination of an old school record player and a modern audio player. The stand-alone, three-speed, turntable plays all your favorite old time rock n roll. Wireless Bluetooth Version 5.0 compatibility allows you to play all your modern favorites using your phone or music player on his powerful speakers. Two 3.5mm in/out jacks let you to listen to your favorites without letting the world in. Brad Got Pitch Control also.

A big, bad, handsome man ready to rock the house down. He digs old-school vinyl, but can also croon in ultra-modern digital melodies. Brad loves to perform but holds true to his vintage roots and looks sharp in retro green.

Slide under the hood of Brads jalopy and see what a spin with him offers:

- Play directly from 7-12 inche vinyl on the turntable
- Belt-driven, 3-speed turntable play: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RMP
- Ruby stylus
- Built-in Bluetooth Version 5.0
- Pitch Control
- Play MP3s with the 3.5mm audio jack
- RCA audio out with cable
- Volume adjustment, play and pause lift lever, and function selection
- Weight 2 kg
- Dimensions 30 _ 20 _ 20 cm

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