Geranium Moon - Room Spray - 100ml

750 ฿

"A walk through a garden of roses after the rain"

‘Geranium Rose’ embodies the romanticism of wandering through a rose garden as the rain pitter-patters on the pavement. The fragrance of the roses combined with the earthy garden around you creates a safe cocoon suspended in time, allowing you to let go of your worries and enjoy the moment as you are. This secret garden is yours to escape to, a place where you can feel invigorated and safe from the outside world

Note: Geranium Rose

- Hexamethylindanopyran
- Diropylenene Glycol
- Perfume
- Alcohol
- Water

WARNING: Flammable until dry. Do not spray near flame or heat.
It is advised to be distant from heat, flammable objects and children.
Avoid direct contact with eyes. It is recommended to be stored
at the room temperature.

- Spray over your designed skin area as often as needed.
Ephemere Parfum contained intense parfum ingredients.

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