Single-Sided Collection - Olive

289 ฿

CAPBAGE is a head & hair protective cover for usage of a motorcycle helmet. CAPBAGE's waterproof surface protects your head (of course including your hair!) from germs and unpleasant odors typically found in the motorcycle helmet. Once turned upside down, CAPBAGE head-cover can be transformed into a tote bag, perfect for life on the go. CAPBAGE comes with a built-in pouch, making it easily stored inside pockets. And now, put on a CAP or carry a BAG, and Enjoy!

Size: 32x40 cm
Capacity: 4 L
Weight: 95 g
Material: Waterproof Nylon Fabric

- A cap that can be used as a bag
- Made from waterproof fabric
- Internal cloth cover for face and hair protection
- Internal pocket to store an internal cloth cover
- Removable face mask to prevent the spread of virus or air pollution
- Face elastic cords adjustable to your head size
- Adhesive fastener tape to quickly attach or detach
- Main flat Nylon straps for shoulder, back, or hand carry
- A cordstrap to fasten the two main straps together
- Easily foldable into a built-in pouch
- Reversible double-sided cap or bag
- Machine washable

Product Care
Attach tape fasteners together and put the product in a washing bag, before washing.

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