Naram Towels - Lilac & Neon yellow

2,345 ฿ 3,350 ฿

The most luxurious towels available: A 600 gram Oeko-Tex combed cotton weave made with long fibers, two-ply and many loops – making the Naram terry towels ultra absorbent, thick, durable, and sooo very soft on the skin.

Size information:
- Guest 50 x 80 cm
- Bath 70 x 140 cm
- Sheet 100 x 150 cm

- 100 % cotton
- Quality 600 gram

Care: If there are any long loops in the towels, don't pull them! Simply cut them off with a pair of scissors. The threads are secured on the back and will not run, when cut.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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