Surprise Doll Baby Pop Series

1,095 ฿

Blume Baby Pop -25 Surprises including Secret Nursery! Outrageously cute Blume babies are ready to be discovered! With Baby Pop, the surprises donäó»t stop, as hidden under every sprout is either a baby or a cute baby accessory...just pull and äóìPOPäó� to reveal whatäó»s inside! Blume babies come wrapped in removable swaddles with unique, out-of-this-world hairstyles on top. Best of all, each flower pot turns into a playset with even more surprises to uncover. Get ready for naptime in the sweet nursery, make a splash in the jumbo swimming pool, and throw a gender reveal party with color-changing diapers! Hidden accessories like Cozy Costumes and Snuggles Buddies add to the collectible fun. How many babies will you pop?! Three babies guaranteed and 50 styles in all to fall in love with! Includes two sticker sheets and a collectible poster.

Please note: the secret mini figure is randomly assorted and may not always be included in one assortement box.
Not suitable as a toy for children under 3 years

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