Magwrap Large - Blue (Set of 3)

395 ฿

The fastest, strongest, easy-to-use, reusable magnetic cable wrap solution.

Simple to use. Wrap, click, and store. No tiny holes or cumbersome materials to get in the way.
Created using super premium, super strong neodymium magnets. Safe for everybody and holds on to your cords. Superior materials, superior feel, with high quality silicone, MagWraps are soft to the touch and ultra strong, plus MagWrap magnets are encapsulated in long lasting silicone to help prevent chips, cracks, and scratches.

The MagWrap wraps up your cords, clicks on to your refrigerator, holds your car keys to your door and a million other uses.

Most cables

Wrap length not including end magnets (the usable part of the wrap) 6.1 in
Wrap length including end magnets 7.5 in

Only 1 piece in stock!

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