Universal Developer and Its Base

1,820 ฿ 2,600 ฿

For glasses and carafes. Finally, each person can have a glass or carafe of wine aerated according to their personal tastes. While running inside of Universal Developer, the wine is gently oxygenated and fully releases its flavours. The Universal Developer comes with a glass base, designed for use at the table to avoid staining your tablecloth.

Tasting is optimized: no need to fill up a carafe that you wonäó»t finish.
Can be adjusted according to the tastes of each person: for intense oxygenation, Universal Developer can be used once into the carafe, then a second time into the glass.
Recommended in particular for young wines (less than 3 years), both red and white. Adapts to the majority of wine glasses and carafes.
Universal Developer : Made from stainless steel. Design patent.

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