Soap Bar - Rice & Goat Milk Scrub

250 ฿

GENTLY EXFOLIATE and remove dead skin cells with rice scrub without irritating your skin. Goat milk is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, C, D,and E which gives you a result of nourished and healthy skin. This gentle exfoliating soap bar is ideal for sensitive skin. Suitable for sensitive and normal skin.

Embrace your true identity and individuality with elegant fragrances inspired by contemporary Thai scents, along with other classic fragrances and ingredients around the world by ANAN. Each product is handmade, heart-made, and thoughtfully sourced in Bangkok, Thailand.
ANAN All Natural Soap Bars are:
- 100% natural
- Cold press process, No artificial, chemicals, or harsh ingredients
- Use natural colors from clays, herbs, and natural botanical ingredients
- Fragranced with pure essential oils/premium fragrance oils
- Made with skin-loving oils
- Creamy & Luxurious Lather
- Hand cut and hand stamped

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